CACOTOPIA – Inhuman Agitation


When two creative minds get together and take black metal to a whole new realm, it could be named Cacotopia. The duo are back again to follow up their 2009 demo with the release of their debut full length Inhuman Agitation. The album is a brilliant blend of progressive meets black metal. It is not your usual black metal music that many may be used to being that it is not just straight forward audial assault but more of a voyage of changing tempos, epic guitar solos and progressive elements.

Inhuman Agitation is everything that black metal music needed to see in it’s move towards progress. At times, moments seem to be like structural chaos with the use of fast tempo changes and lightning speed drum patterns that lead into moments of dark ambience like that found in the opening track “Aberration of Man.” Other tracks are equally as dark and technical in nature but the track “Megalomaniac Worship” stands out amongst the others with it’s eerie intro that leads into speed driven chaos. The contrast used by the band by going from fast and technical to moments of slower paced melodies brings a uniqueness to their well crafted sound.

Cacotopia is like a light at the end of a tunnel. Admittedly, there are as many black metal bands as there are stars in the sky but to truly stand out amongst the rest, that takes a lot and Cacotopia has done that. No riff is recycled or repeated nor is a single second in the album a dull one. This release will keep you at the edge of your seat and have you questioning why you haven’t found this band sooner.


5.0 / 5.0

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