Wretched Fate- Carnal Heresy Album Review

Sweden is home to many great bands that I’ve been listening to for so many years since I got into extreme metal during my teenage days.

From bands such as Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Entombed, At The Gates, and Dismember, this band, Wretched Fate, has been a band I’ve kept a close eye on, and this latest album, “Carnal Heresy,” is a powerhouse-driven record. In my opinion, I see this band going places in the foreseeable future.

Everything from the HM2 production, raw guitar tones, blistering drum work, and vocals makes you want to lose your sanity. This record really introduced the members of Wretched Fate to create a record so sickening, chaotic, and extreme as they’ve ever sounded, making the songs memorable and jaw-dropping, to say the least.

When you hear tracks such as “Utterance from the Inhuman Tongue,” “Morbid Testament,” “Momentary Suicide,” and “Mind Desecrator,” you’ll hear their traditional Swedish death metal arrangements. They also incorporate some death n roll tendencies in the mix, in which the tracks give me huge Entombed vibes. Not to mention, part of the album gives some doom metal-inspired melodies that you would hear straight out of an Autopsy or Incantation album, and I’m all on board.

Wretched Fate certainly knows their way around the bush, making this album stay true to the Swedish extreme metal scene by showcasing finer melodic riffs, triumphant full-speed, and thrashy-paced frenzies. What really impressed me the most is that they continued to showcase selective tracks, which wrap up a nice presentable attempt.

“Carnal Heresy” proved Wretched Fate can still deliver the goods, and it’s the band’s most diverse and ambitious album to date.

Overall score 
Review by Jake Butler 


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