HYPERDONTIA – Hideous Entity

International based death metal outfitters Hyperdontia are one of the absolute sickest, most underrated and astounding bands I’ve heard in a very longtime. In 2018, they released the magnificent creation of Nexus Of Teeth which quickly became one of my most favored albums of that year. Now in 2021, these guys have came back to unleash terror with the latest full-length of Hideous Entity which is released through Dark Descent Records, Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Desiccated Productions.  Musically, Hyperdontia’s style of death metal may seem to be the same formula as other artists in the underground like Undergang, Dead Congregation, Disma and Grave Miasma but they’ve been incorporating some unique components and the compositional work is truly sensational and outstanding so to speak.
They’ve might as well be on their way to be a huge name for themselves in the next decade or two but for what it is, this album is full of headbanging wonders, wonderfully crafted signatures, heart-stopping guitar melodies and the drum work especially brings out such a huge wall of sounds barricaded to make everything feel natural and disgustingly catchy at times. From the death doom inspired guitar riffs, cavernous like production and drawing a spectral of borrowing many old school death metal influences, the members from Hyperdontia have unleashed their power of having such into everlasting depths of furious, monolithic sound of total obliteration in which this case, you may as well consider Hideous Entity to be the best material Hyperdontia has done to date both lyrically, progressively and musically.
Even on certain tracks have this uncomfortable, expansive yet unfathomable musicianship which is such a huge role into this album when you hear tracks such as Grinding Teeth, Snakes Of Inwards, Coils Of Wrath and the closure of Impervious Veil being the longest track of over six minutes in duration showcases the listener to not only destroy all living things coming to their path, but rather keep the instrumentals, progressiveness, experience and atmosphere in which all the songs contain such filth and venomous attitudes that Nexus Of Teeth created but this new evolution Hyperdontia have experimented new branches into their footsteps made it perfectly clear that this record will take multiple listens to understand the contexts and contents this record is about. Hideous Entity is a forty minute, eight track record providing a whole new journey with sadistic pleasure, barbaric arrangements and triumph which makes this the most morbid and murky death metal albums Hyperdontia has ever done.
Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler

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