ACRANIUS – Dishonor


The German kings of slamming brutal death metal returned last year with their sophomore full length Dishonor. If anyone is not familiar with the genre of slam/brutal death metal, listen to Abominable Putridity, Ingested and Cerebral Incubation. This album can only be described as the soundtrack to torturing your worst enemy. Every track is pure brutal aggression that stands strong amongst the death metal elite.

The opening track “Expulsed to the Worthless” begins heavy and does not let up any time soon. The second track and one of the singles from the album “Unit 731” is the pure definition of brutality. From the fast drum techniques to the heavy as all hell slams thrown in and even some deathcore/beatdown references, this song has something for everyone. The rest of the album is equally a fan favorite for those who want their music loud, aggressive and heavy. Tracks like “Zero Tolerance” and “Purveyors of Barbarity” are like taking a brick to the face. This release is just one of those albums you have to put the volume all the way up and get ready to break some stuff in your house.

Being that these guys have been in the game since 2009 and received great reviews since their debut EP The Echo of Her Cracking Chest in 2011, it was already expected that this album would be highly anticipated by the death metal community. If you are a fan of heavy slams, brutal vocals and amazing guitar riffs and insane drum techniques, this release is for you.


5.0 / 5.0


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