MARASMUS – Necrotic Overlord

There comes a time when I never knew what death metal was or how it originated but as I grew older overtime, it is my most obsessive and talked about genres and anyone who’s following my craft knows how much of a diehard fan I am for the genre. Brutal, technical, melodic, symphonic death, you name it I love it all. Today, I am gonna cover another band from the Transcending Obscurity Records roster known as Marasmus and their latest offering Necrotic Overlord. If I were to tell you the description of this band it be like taking the vocal patterns from Hour Of Penance, Suffocation, Depravity, and Nile to the straightforward, technical and cohesive style from bands such as Abysmal Torment, Unmerciful and Revulsion but in a more versatile, commendable and contemporary approach of death metal.

Craftsmanship here is nothing but phenomenal as the music can get any heavier, polished and ambitious as it can be for the genre in its entirety. From relentless forces of guitar melodies and riffs, jackhammering drumming and barbaric onslaughts to the compulsive, rhythmic and corresponding instruments which gives it a more assaulted and unbridled anger to submerged into oblivious leads, this album is deadly, well designed and neck-snapping which let bygones be bygones because this is some serious top notch quality death metal as it should.

Just hearing the songs such as Appeasing Thanatos, Pagan Orgies to Human Sacrifice and Forsaken Graves of Infant Kings to the pulsing and sickening twists and turns of Archaic Burial Rites, you’re going to feel devastated, crushed and have dismembered parts coming out of your body to witness the heaviness and pouring out innocent souls to feel trapped where you feel the savage and throat- ripping vocals give it a huge cathartic tone is such a absolute pleasure getting to listen to such savagery and mind-numbing pieces of music that will stand the test of time as a most listen to album in 2021. I can’t really say much about Necrotic Overlord but those want their death metal technical, brutal and giving it a nice old school touch then you will find some enjoyment out of Marasmus’ music.




Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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