NEX CARNIS – Obscure Visions of Dark


Usually when people think of death metal you think of some spine crushing grooves, some solid blast beats and some heavy vocals. Maybe that is why when I started listening to Nex Carnis I was instantly hooked. The longer more blackened and progressive songs. which stood out to me were; Abolishing Rancid Thrones Of Deceit & Descent into Ethereal Realms

Nex Carnis were founded back in 2012 and currently have three members all of which are amazing at what they do. “Jurgen” has some killer blast beats and sets a decent speed. Incruent sets the mood with some dark riffs and grooves on bass. He also lays down a very well timed and well done solo on Murky Pits Of Time. All while Asto uses his powerful vocals which there is no other way of describing other then “Brutal”

The six track album runs in just over a good half hour and the entire time I found my self hooked on every riff and on each solo. The dark atmosphere really comes once you are a few songs in because the length of the songs isn’t the traditional short and fast death metal, which makes this album stand out. I thoroughly enjoyed the album and would highly suggest listening to it if you are a fan of these two bands; Beherit or Portal

Rating: 4/5

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