Throughout the many, many years of being a fan of metal and going to record stores and searching online for new music,  came across this band back in 2006 or so while searching for underground melodic black metal and ever since then have said this band is a gem in the dust that many metal fans need to discover. Finland’s Mustan Kuun Lapset (roughly translate from Finnish to “Children of the Black Moon) are a combination of melodic black metal, dark, gothic and melo-death metal all in one big, well balanced cacophony. Starting out back 1995, the group’s discography is quite impressive and quite different with every release but not enough to sound like a different band on each album.

Two years since their last album titled Saatto, the group have returned with Valo which was released earlier this year through Inverse Records. Honestly, the easiest way to sum up the sound of the band is the blended mixture of early Rotting Christ, late 90’s Amorphis and some early Moonsorrow to top it all off. This band throws in a bit of everything as the album goes on. For example, the track Ikaros throws in some melodic death metal style growls paired with some nice clean, melodic vocals which fit perfectly at those moments with the instrumentals. This track surely makes the perfect melo-death style anthem that both memorable and catchy. The band also knows when to unleash the chaos as there are plenty of heavy, dark and thrashy moments. Tracks like Eksyneet and Tropaenum prove this well as the band knows exactly how to balance the calm and the chaos.

Valo is honestly perfect for any metal fan. It has moments where it sounds like melodic death metal, melodic black metal, doom metal, dark metal, gothic metal and even some goth rock thrown in the mix. There is seriously something for everyone in this album. Yes the band has always had their songs in Finnish and yes, I don’t speak or understand the language but it does not deter from loving the sound and the work put into the album. I highly recommend this album for fans of old Mustan Kuun Lapset to new listeners. If you are a fan of Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Alghazanth, Rotting Christ, and just well rounded extreme metal that Finland has always done perfectly, then this is for you. There is truly something here for everyone and I personally will be adding this album to my daily rotation.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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