SEPTICFLESH – Modern Primitive

Anyone who knows me very well or reads this review will know that Greece’s symphonic death metal titans Septicflesh are in my top ten favorite band’s of all time list. I have been a massive supporter and fan of these guys since 2008’s Communion which in my opinion still is one of their finest album’s in the entire catalog. After a five year gap between 2017’s masterpiece of Codex Omega and now the most recent of Modern Primitive, Septicflesh are back with a vengeance and a positive attitude and have released this latest addition into the modern-day era of extreme metal. This is also the band’s first album to not be released through Season Of Mist but instead, they have signed with Nuclear Blast Records making this the first official release on the major label for Septicflesh.

If you know Septicflesh and their sound, chances are you’ll expect the expected since the band is heavily known for incorporating heavier orchestral elements with bigger, bolder, atmospheric layers of intense brutality. The album picks off after Codex Omega left off and to be honest, not only Septicflesh have created once again a huge and expansive album but I do feel that they have not let me down at all and this is exactly what I wanted out of them. They’ve continued the signature SepticFlesh boundary of orchestral, cinematic, theoretical and mythological atmosphere that keeps the gratifying speeds of beautiful translation with sheer weight perfection as the songs progressively get cleaner, clearer and more tight orienteering production values produce the band’s most best sounds I’ve ever encountered hearing this album. Just when you hear tracks such as A Desert Throne, The Collector, Self-Eater, Coming Storm and A Dreadful Muse for example everything from the vocals, choirs, orchestrations and electric instrumentals are perfectly balanced while the guitars have been upgraded to a more audible and accurate state top notch welcoming return.

This album in particular I will say is on par with Codex Omega being a much more stronger, complex, cinematic and refined albums in the modern era of Septicflesh and their career as a whole. The strongest pinpoints is the amount of certifications and astonishing progressive layers of thick instrumentals, intelligent lyricism and the artwork reminiscent is best described as Lovecraftian inspired, Historical and cultural organized demonstrations that naturally reflects the audible presentations that songwriting, atmospherics and passages are authentically balanced to absolute perfection. Septicflesh not only returned a massive comeback to create a unique picture of expressive intelligence, but Modern Primitive manages to follow a story so comprehensive that it felt like walking into Athens at the landmark of Greece’s finest day. Septicflesh have not only shocked me into taking many inspirations writing this album, but Modern Primitive is a world-class game changer with revolutionized, brilliantly thrown liberal lyrical intelligence, continues to push boundaries, expand horizons and a album beautifully composed, played and produced makes the work simple yet astonishing record front to back.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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