DAWOHL – Leviathan

French based extreme metal outfitters Dawohl are a upcoming underground band who’s been in the scene since 2009 and are about to release their upcoming full-length of Leviathan and is released on Dolorem Records. To describe their sound is taking elements of blackened death mixed with brutal death inspired melodies but in a dystopian style of extreme music that feels diabolical, claustrophobic and atmospheric at times where I feel they’ve gotten the focus and compassion to make this record feel dynamic and energetic. Musically, this record captures the modern-day brutal death metal production mixed with unique blackened death metal inspired compositions where the album’s strongest point is the craftsmanship and consistency of having these luxurious soundscapes and memorable headbanging leads have surely met my expectations in hearing a record that really fulfilled my desire to even be more excited with each consecutive listen front to back.

The vocals, drums, bass and guitars are all complimented with each other as each instrument have backed up pretty nicely to give the album a nice sense of energy and quality to make sure the listener is hearing all different structures and sections that have built up appropriately without losing it’s sense of delivery and tonality. Even the harmonics and melodically driven arrangements give it that old school style that brings a doom metal approach with tracks such as Telos – Immanent Orthogenesis, Canticum Belli and Voluntary Servitude provide heavy emphasis on mid-paced tempos and the detail within the timed signatures give it that tight edge and progressive leads really sets the mood and fluidity to hopefully find other genres to experiment for future Dawohl material. Leviathan is a well-crafted and thought-provoking album that will please fans of blackened and brutal death metal.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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