BOOKAKEE – Ignominies

2018’s been extremely stellar for progressive death metal but hearing a band like Bookakee who takes their sound to a whole new experimented touch is quite the enjoyable experience. Based out of Monteral, Quebec Canada Bookakee released their sophomore album entitled Ignominies. Upon hearing this album, I can sense of different musicial components ranging from brutal death metal, black metal, technical death and even jazz signatures that are well executed and perfectly mixed just fine. There’s many memorable signatures that’s filled with many creative ideas simply due to the fact the songwriting and musicianship is what stands out the most upon hearing the entire record. Ignominies is so electrifying that it can pop your eyes wide opened when you hear songs such as Oculus Nebula”, Celestial Decimation and Perhaps the track that makes the album more enjoyable is Refuge Insidieux.

The band are plainly adept at shock-and-awe campaigns of rampant brutalization. The weapons in their arsenal include jet-fast drumming (blizzards of decimating beats coming in rapid bursts, along with pile-driving hammer blows); rapacious riffs (both warped and jolting); loads of swirling, darting, fleet-fingered fretwork; fire burst solos; and a collection of horrid roars, bestial growls, skin-splitting shrieks, and noxious gagging sounds — to name just a few throat-spawned manifestations of lunacy, the words often being spit at the same blinding speed as the pace of the instrumental pyrotechnics. Ignominies is an album of substantial girth, spanning 13 crafted songs and it’s one of the most remarkable records of 2018 to date.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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