Jill Janus of HUNTRESS Calls It Quits


It appears that power-thrashers Huntress are over. Frontwoman Jill Janus posted the following to the band’s Facebook page:

The end. I told ya the Huntress Trilogy would fulfill my purpose. I’m packing it up. Maiden, Mother, Crone. I struggle through life with Bipolar, Schizophrenia & Dissociative identity disorders. I beat uterine cancer with a devastating hysterectomy. I will continue to create music. On my terms. Fuck the meaningless noise and trolls. My way, forever. Suck it. Done.

Which is sad to hear — I always thought Janus had a good sense of humor, and the latest Huntress video fucking rules — but understandable. Dealing with constant pain due to surgery is no fucking joke, and mental health issues can’t be ignored. Given that these are the issues Janus is dealing with, it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to tour the world screaming her face off. I’m sure it doesn’t help that she’s probably been marginalized as ‘some chick’ for her whole career (though I’ve recently heard from many of our commenters that sexism doesn’t really exist in metal).

Now, maybe Huntress will try to continue with a new singer, but we doubt it. The idea of that band without Janus at the helm seems ridiculous; anyone who stepped in would spend their whole career in the band being compared to Jill.

We’ll let you know if this develops. Until then, we wish Janus good health and good luck with all her future musical endeavors.

[via Loudwire]

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