THE DUSKFALL Reveal New Vocalist


Swedish death metal act from Luleå, The Duskfall, has revealed that vocalist Jonatan Storm has left and will be replaced by Finnish singer Aki Häkkinen. Furthermore, they are progressing in the writing of their next album to follow Where The Tree Stands Dead. They had already announced a new bassist, Anton Lindbäck, earlier this year. This is the band’s third frontman in two years.

The band says: “Friends of the fallen: We have some major news about the band and the progress of writing the next album. First of all we must tell you that Jonathan stepped down from his vocalist duties in order to focus on family and work. We all understand and fully respect his decision and would like to thank him for his time and dedication for – The Duskfall.

“We decided to go to our allies in the east once more when we searched for a new vocalist. We have had a lasting friendship with Aki Häkkinen since our first shows in Finland some 10 years ago and he immediately stepped up to the plate and offered his services when he heard the news of Jonatan’s departure. Aki has years of experience from the live stages and recording music and will be a forceful output when we hit the stages in support of the upcoming release next year.”

Here are his own words on the matter:

“Hello friends of the fallen (how cool to say that). I am super proud and honoured to be a part of The Duskfall – a band that I have always kept as one of the very best of Swedish melodic death metal. Also I am happy to be back in the death metal scene that I was away from about the same time that The Duskfall was on a break. I have been busy with metal scene though and getting more experience in all areas of music which I hope to also give to The Duskfall and to the fans of the band. These boots are not easy to fill in…

“I remember touring with The Duskfall back in around 2007 with my band at that time and it was very easy to work with the guys. We also did an interview for Finnish inferno Magazine with Kai Jaakkola as they wanted to make a story of death metal singers during our tour so I’ve always had very close relations to the band. Sorry to say to the fans of Kai that he is not coming back to the band anymore even though he is a great guy and a great vocalist. I hope to bring something new to the band and I will stick around. You can expect a very active band from now on and I just love performing live. Hopefully we get to play all over the globe to the diehard fans and find new friends of the fallen! I am sure the best days for The Duskfall are yet to come!

“It is super rare to find a music writer like Mikael Sandorf is. He can write a amazing complete song with lyrics and vocal lines even with drums before presenting it to the band. I can tell you guys it is a rare talent to have at this level and my job is to make it to this super high standard. I promise to give my 666% to the band and to each performance the band will make… hopefully there will be a lot of those! Enough said from me – I will let the actions and music speak more for you in the near future! I hope all you friends will be as active as we are and support The Duskfall.”


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