DESTROYER 666 Unveil New Album Cover Art And Release Date


Deströyer 666 have unveiled the cover that will grace their new album Wildfire. By now, we know that the album will be out worldwide on February 26th via Season Of Mist. It will also contain 9 new songs and artwork done by Polish artist/architect Zbigniew M. Bielak (Watain, Mayhem, Ghost) and you can feast your eyes on it below. The music will came later.

Zbigniew M. Bielak states: “Contrary to the usual route, part of my family fled communism to Australia. Thus my isolated cousins used to send me tapes with weird OZ bands like Armoured Angel, Martire or Hobbs instead of American thrash. There has to be something about the shackled bloodline or maybe the Mad Max thing…or just what frontman KK likes to call ‘…our innate ability to do everything better than the others’, but damn me if all of those Australian bands were not just fiercer than everyone else. My love for metal from down under endured and finally, after countless merchandise designs and three reissue collaborations, Wildfire is Deströyer 666’s first brand new album that I have worked on. What survived from the usual brainstorming ordeal is a nod to classic metal imagery in a biker-friendly, Danzig meets Blasphemy vein – a refreshing and welcome exercise in simplicity. Having outlasted retro trends, stripped of all gimmickry right to their very rock n’ roll bone, Deströyer 666 stand tall, hailing both Slaughter Lord and Angry Anderson, with what is in my opinion their most unforced and classy album to date.”


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