CRANIAL ENGORGEMENT – Horrific Existence

Formed in 2007 from Pomona, Californian outfit Cranial Engorgement are a Brutal Death Metal band that are highly influenced by Dying Fetus, Devourment, Defeated Sanity and other upcoming Death Metal bands in the scene. Released on February 10th, 2017 Horrific Existence is the full-length debut that offers terrifically crafted instrumentation, heavy production value, satisfyingly vocal work and have gotten some decent recognition through SLAM WORLDWIDE. To describe the brutality, musical and diabolical Horrific Existence is quite the interesting experience considered the fact this Californian band borrows deathgrind, 90-2000’s Dying Fetus-esque songwriting and tech-death/grindcore influenced guitar riffs that are very comprehensive and understandable within the barriers of unleashing devotion. Cranial Engorgement’s Horrific Existence is an album that is very unique, modernized and contributed many elements where the track selections do a solid job balancing the naturalistic characteristics making the songs a much more varied, complimented and these individuals brought out dynamism to the fullest levels possible. From marvelous pieces of mid-paced, ranged and low guttural vocals from Noah Lopez, to the grinding/ aggressive compositions of Molded By Cruelty, Horrific Existence also utilizes 40 minutes of the finest branches for Brutal Death Metal that doesn’t necessarily stray away from this underground band and have constructed, contributed and created a album that’s not meant for the faint of heart but rather keeping their progressions professional and symbolic. This album start to finish has been absolutely incredible since the moment I’ve heard Conceived into the Suffering and In Loving Memory I was in a complete surprise attitude to hear such organic Brutal Death Metal that’s intelligent and authentic. Overall, Horrific Existence is one of my absolute favorite releases of 2017 and there’s a good reason why it truthfully deserves any fan’s attention.

Fans of Brutal Death Metal with Grindcore, Technical and Deathgrind will definitely like Horrific Existence!

Overall score 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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