2018 has begun, and many of us have releases we’re looking forward to over the course of the year. And while that’s all well and good, it may cause some to overlook a release that dropped New Year’s Day. Oklahoma based Aberrant Construct released their debut, titled “Scaphism”, to kick off the new year. The slamming death metal band hope to impress with their first full release, and impress they do. Kicking off this album is “Intro”, which in this case, does more than the typical album intro. While it falls under the two minute mark, it feels like it’s own song, and is a really solid instrumental to start this album off. “Monolith of Unearthly Devastation” is next, and is very fast and very heavy. This track does not hold back, and does a good job showing off the bands strengths immediately. “Purification” is a bit of a slower cut, and is heavier at the same time. The riff on here is very nice, and the focus on bass at certain points gives this track a unique vibe.

On the next song, “Toxic King”, the band chooses to focus more on chugs, however the band brings in some melody for the solo. Next is the subtly titled “Ripped in Fucking Half”, which is the band once again pulling no punches, and making some straight in your face slam metal. “Inconceivable Failure” shows off the vocal variation this band posses, while also having some solid writing and a very nice solo. The title track, Scaphism”, ends this release, and does so on a strong note. While this song focuses more on chugs than some others on this album, it still leaves enough room for the guitar to breath, and features some great guitar work. While this release won’t blow you away, and isn’t necessarily ground breaking, the band definitely showed up and brought some great slams on their first release. If you like you’re music heavy, then this is the perfect way to start your year.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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