VIRVUM – Illuminance

Formed in 2007 from Zurich, Switzerland VIRVUM are a Swiss Technical Death Metal band that is best described from their landscaped, dreaming, illuminating, medicating and subconscious style of Technical Death Metal. Illuminance is the full-length debut from Virvum released on September 16th, 2016 and clocks in around 40:00 in duration and features 8 blissful, atmospheric and authentic tracks. Illuminance is a album that mainly discusses the most jaw-dropping, rhythmic, progressive, stylistic and artistic expressions to any Technical Death Metal releases in 2016. With songs such as The Cypher Supreme, Tentacles Of The Sun, Ad Rigorem and the album’s closure of the masterful creation known as II: A Final Warming Shine: Ascension and Trespassing, Illuminance takes the finest interpretations, emotional melodies, progressively astonished instrumentations and a imaginative universe showcasing many elements beyond the peaceful, atmospheric, transported and transparent existential comprehensible intelligence that I cannot fully express how arranged this album is start to finish.

From engaging incarnations of birthed passages, outstanding Technical Death Metal structures, Progressive Death Metal esque unfathomable qualities of musical emotions and a evolution so organically creative, Illuminance takes major influences from Inanimate Existence Fallujah Archspire The Faceless and hint of Obscura with The Zenith Passage esque production, Illuminance portrays the album’s conceptualized and stronger concentrated emphasis on darkness, spirituality, obliterated shades of unadulterated and relentlessly heavy leads of tranquillity, Illuminance by Virvum is without question one of the most enjoyable, innovative, cultural, thought-provoking and a calmed journey albums I have ever heard being a massive fan of Technical Death Metal. Bar none, Illuminance takes peacefulness, beauty, artistic forms and directed expressions to show the genre doesn’t always keep the instrumentals generic but rather take inspiration on extreme conditions soothing than hatred.

I highly recommend listening to this album and definitely listen to this album with a open mind to create a understanding what the album discusses.

Overall score: 9.5/10


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