Drawn And Quartered are a band I’ve been contemplating myself to check out and as I discovered their catalog, The One Who Lurks is an album that surely won me over as someone who enjoys death metal music. Based out of my hometown from Seattle, Washington, Drawn And Quartered play a style of murderous, Anti-religious and death themed sound of old school death metal. Their music is much more than merely solid, and while they debuted many years after the likes of Immolation and Incantation, The One Who Lurks predates the newer wave by as much as a decade or so ago. Drawn And Quartered are known only to a small subset of people, who under different circumstances, would place them in one of the stages of contemporary USDM, remains an unexplained phenomenons.

Just clocking in at around 40 minutes in duration and consists of eight tracks, the guitar tones are eerie, darkened and dripping out of your speakers to unleash carnage and resurrection while the instrumentals are thought-provoking, doomy and hypnotic at times. From the opening manifestations of Nefarious Rites, to the mindless atmosphere passages of Temples of Arcane Devotion and Deliverance to the Worms, these arrangements and signatures are subtly stuck inside the mind of a listener’s brain but nevertheless not too repetitive to understand the band’s musical approach.

Drawn and Quartered have been writing songs for the quarter of a century and it shows how far their career has been bringing out intensive levels of catastrophic goodness. The One Who Lurks took me by a instant surprise and if you’re fans of old school death metal, you need to hear this beautiful art piece of dark art.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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