Formed in 2011 from Denver, Colorado, Blood Incantation play a style of Technical, Old School, Astrological and Anunnaki Death themed of Death Metal. Starspawn is the debut full-length released through Dark Descent Records on August 18th 2016. The album consists of 5 tracks and clocks in around 35:00 in duration, Starspawn features Old School Death Metal formulated instrumentation, stylistic and traditional Death Metal structured atmosphere, and a production so organic that these guys have been blowing up sky high in the scene for quite sometime now. Starspawn is often described as versatile, understandable death metal with brutalized riffs, face-melted guitar solos, old school death metal styling, and technical showmanship. It also provides frequent innovation that may not entirely be a necessity, but shows reinvention and succumbing technical skills that are cavernous, thematic, pummeling and intentionally straightforward death metal signature variations. The album focuses on mid-paced tremolos and a far cry evoking doom passages that truly shine twisted, assaulting and monstrous transitions that are leveling above a genre spectrum; showing quality and particularly speculative dynamics are that are well executed.

These songs provide technical, proficient, prowess and identify dangerous territories where Blood Incantation pulled off a comprehensible album, showing monumental and memorable standouts but for a full-length album from this Colorado outfit. Blood Incantation borrows elements from Gorguts, Timeghoul, Demilich, Morbid Angel and slight traces of Immolation, with elements of death/ doom atmospheres. You’ll enjoy Starspawn. It’s without question the finest old school death metal album of 2016 and one of the best in a very long time. Blood Incantation have proved themselves to create a refined sound so compromising and unique that most death metal bands struggle to achieve.

Overall score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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