MAGGOT COLONY – Vile Reincarnation

Taiwan’s Maggot Colony (蠅蛆殖民地) are a Brutal Death Metal band formed in 2013 and play a style of wretched, disgusted, infected, swarming and filthy combinations of Brutal Death Metal. Vile Reincarnation is the sophomore album was released on April 21st, 2017 through Rising Nemesis Records and consists of 10 tracks with songs 8-10 are recorded from 2015’s Spewing the Violated Souls EP and 7 brand new onto this secondary album. Clocking in 35:00 in length, Vile Reincarnation starts off with Lights of Blasphemy, a manifesting track displaying authentic signature guitars, slam oriented vocals, Devourment-esque bass structures and drumming work on this album is nothing but mean and aggressive written all over these metalworking passages.

Then with later songs including Omnipotent Hands, Prayers of the Unbelievers and Impious Sedition, Vile Reincarnation continues to deliver Brutal Death Metal compositions with a destructive blow while the tracks almost bring a Disgorge (USA) and Disentomb atmosphere with the production sounded dark, muddy and monolithic that may be tiresome for the extreme nationalities but with Vile Reincarnation it performed the executions, melodies, lyricism and appreciative gifts are surely diminishing. I would also like to mention the title track welcomes The Black Dahlia Murder lyricist Trevor Strnad as he does a phenomenal job contributing his range balancing brutality templates and a monstrous world giving the album a finest hour. With Vile Reincarnation, the material displayed here has been upgraded, stronger, naturalized and the overall contexts of songwriting is surely worth the read if lyrical interpretations is the answer you’re looking for. Overall Maggot Colony’s Vile Reincarnation is another continuation borrowing every variation possible while the presentation and ideologies for this Taiwan outfit shot themselves right up to the SLAM WORLDWIDE family and not only made a album disgustingly heavy but kept a foundation crisp and imaginative. For Fans of Gorepot (血麻), Guttural Corpora Cavernosa, Analepsy and Decimated Humans featuring a bloody, terrorizing and destructive path for Brutal Death/ Slam Metal will be in a treat of a lifetime to witness next chapter for Maggot Colony.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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