SUSPERIA – The Lyricist

Many bands through the years evolve their sound, bounce through genres and find new voices and this is living proof of sometimes a different approach works out well. Poland’s Susperia are no strangers to the metal realm and have returned with a new vocalist and new album this year through Agonia Records. Almost ten years since their previous release titled Attitude, Susperia presents us The Lyricist which many are calling this album melodic death metal meets Iced Earth style heavy metal. This band truly has been a rollercoaster of genre-hopping, ever changing and musically evolving releases but with The Lyricist, this album shows the direction that Susperia has taken and has given a damn well done presentation of that new direction.

Tracks such as My Darkest Moment and Feed the Fire show moments of return to their blackened roots but blend in sounds of heavy metal, thrash and melodic death. For some, this may be a lot to take in but for most, they will enjoy the blend of blackened death metal vocals layered with heavy metal style singing. The instrumentation of this release also is above the expectation bar as tempo changes and melody compliment the varied vocal styles. By no means does this album lack aggression and angst as it still provides the headbanging aspects we have come to expect from Susperia.

All and all, this album is a perfect breath of fresh air in the list of latest metal album releases. Any fan of Susperia should find this release a worthwhile addition to their discography as it still brings some of the old along with the new. If you are a fan of Old Man’s Child, Iced Earth, Dragonlord, Testament or just good metal with a well rounded sound, then give this album a listen, you won’t regret it!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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