DIVULSOR – Defiled Corridors of Ruptured Oblivion

Brutal death metal can be a tricky genre, especially when it comes to trying to sound as brutal as possible without sacrificing the songwriting in the process. While some bands try and end up making albums that sound repetitive, and brutal for brutal’s sake, others are able to take the brutal death metal genre to where it should be with solid writing and good execution. Divulsor is one of these bands, who released a short EP just over a month ago. While the EP, titled “Defiled Corridors of Ruptured Oblivion”, is fairly short, it does set a good example of brutal death done right. “The Ascending Desire for Idolatry” is the opening song, and starts off brutal as hell. The production is solid, and writing is really good, and the vocals are well-executed. This track, while nothing too out of the ordinary, is a demonstration of solid brutal death that doesn’t sacrifice the writing for the brutality.

This is followed up with “Imprecation of Nothingness”, which has a very fast and heavy intro. The riffs on this song is solid, as is the writing. While this song isn’t quite as heavy as the previous one, it still delivers on all fronts. “Lascivious Repletion” is next, and has some really nice riffs. This song both manages to be heavy as all hell while still having very tight writing. “Perfidious Spectrum of Human Deeds” has a very fast intro, and the first section of this track is heavy as hell. The riffs are brutal and well-executed, and blend well with the haunting tone that takes over during the second half of this song. This EP ends on “Panoptic Power” the longest, and probably best song it.

This track is very heavy, and moves along at a nice medium pace, allowing for it to take its time without slowing the momentum that has built up to this point. The writing is as solid as ever, and the riffs are good as well. This is a good final track that combines everything the band has shown off in the previous tracks, and pulls it all together for the finally. This is really good. My one real complaint (if you can call it one) is that it feels a bit short. That being said, I’m looking forward to more material from this band. If you like brutal music, or even if you never found brutal death metal to really be your thing, scope this out.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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