Polish death metal band Decapitated has had many numerous lineup changes in the past and over the course of this time they’ve went into a barbaric technical death metal sounding to later releases including Carnival Is Forever where it felt traditional Death Metal borrowing Groove elements and Meshuggah-esque melodies. Years later we have the newest album from Nuclear Blast Records entitled Anticult. With this release the musicianship is tighter, surpasses most and even some of the oldest material which surprisingly speaking may catch fan’s attention to hear such growth and maturity. With Anticult, the focuses of death metal still manages to keep close tempos and precise, constitutional instruments uses blast beats very effectively rather than a generic focal point.

From the thunderous, jackhammering rhythm sections of the guitars, bass, drums and vocals to the almost searing guitar solos,lightning fast and choppy self efficiency punching chord progressions that rapidly sets churning brutality into a deafening monster. Guitars both reach their most complicated point which couples a constant river stream of double bass pedal to the metal storming the fascinating unadulterated death metal brutality. And while Anticult focuses more testimonial styled Death Metal, it retained the groove prevalence in wonderful additions of wicked grooving and blasphemous wholesome of greater testaments which lead towards many wonderful musical counterparts and Decapitated’s Anticult is another well achieved album from this Polish outfit.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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