BENEATH – Ephemeris

Hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland Beneath are a brutal death metal band that were formed in 2007 and has came back from the grave to unleash their latest album titled Ephemeris which came out on August 18th, 2017 through Unique Leader Records. Prior to 2014’s sophomore effort of The Barren Throne, Ephemeris consists of 9 tracks and clocking in around 37:00 in length. Throughout the ten years from this Icelandic extreme metal outfit, the members from Beneath provided exposure by contributing their inspiration for death metal and combined differential elements of technical death and brutal compositions in the finest musical approach possible. From guttural vocals, presentable drum work, pleasurable instrumentals and atmosphere filled with relentless chaos, the album not only became very penetrated and became highly accessible but in a sense this band found their counterparts by utilizing instrumentals and progression onto new heights.

When you hear tracks including Eyecatcher, Guillotine, Amorphous Globe and opening song Constellational Transformation, but their stylistic branches of naturalistic musicality is more thick, full-fledged, pummeling and extremely impressive songwriting taken the boundaries into a chapter so fresh that the members from Beneath have outshine themselves into the stratosphere to create such wonderful, appreciative and memorable music. Perhaps the most innovative, structured and honorable mentions on Ephemeris is the technical runs and more subdued, blistering passages spiraling all over the album’s pulverizing brutality showcases Beneath are back with a album so incredibly heavy, painful, Technical, unforgettable and more than likely they’ve seamlessly blended together to create a perfect finish that leads directly back to where it started from their sound. Not only Ephemeris marks a new beginning for the band, but it represented endless directions and the amounts of talented craftsmanship for a band creating three full-lengths is pretty outstanding to see a band marking great heights for the Metal community. Overall, a manifesting and magnificent piece of work from Icelandic’s very own Beneath.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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