AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH – Chimerical Reality

What do you get when you combine elements of deathcore and melodic death metal that’s in the realms of The Black Dahlia Murder, Salt The Wound, and Abiotic? You get Michigan’s And Hell Followed With. After numerous lineup changes, hiatuses, and wondering what the future’s in store for the band, they’ve resurrected themselves from the extreme metal world and gave us the latest offering which is 2019’s EP Chimerical Reality through Hollowed Records. Prior to 2010’s masterfully crafted of Proprioception, this six track EP gives us a demonstration what these musicians are truly capable of.

Musically, lyrically and progressively speaking, this sounds exactly what to come and expect from Proprioception but this time around, there’s twists and turns within the lyricism, production and vocals which all contributed extremely well. Tracks such as Retribution, Dear Father and The Notion Of Freedom for instance uses sporadic lead-guitar melodies, merciless blast beats and breakdowns to unleash bone-chilling atmospheres they’ve fully managed to maintain a much more energetic progression while keeping the instrumentals naturalistic.

Matter of fact, this EP contribute a more matured, and extremely well-designed craftsmanship as the compositions rely heavily on radical tempo-altering breakdowns, tormented high to low pitched screams, demented guitar solos and a Thy Art Is Murder-esque sections while the album’s context continuously brings out naturalistic atmospheres that is absolutely shattering. Onto the secondary side of this EP, this is another section where everything becomes memorable as each track contains prominent displays of outstanding musicianship and commandments of constitutional progressions is possibly And Hell Followed With’s most ground-breaking pieces of material to date. Chimerical Reality has once again taken the genre and heaviness for extreme metal to achieve something more greater than it meets the eye and if you’re a fan of the band’s past work then this will definitely be suitable at home.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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