SKELETAL REMAINS – Devouring Mortality

Californian death metal band Skeletal Remains are one of my absolute favorite extreme metal bands in the scene right now and with 2018’s Dark Descent Records record of Devouring Mortality, this is without question one of the best old school death metal albums in the past decade maybe even longer. So what does this new chapter mark for these musicians? Well, stylistically they don’t just bring innovative components of old school death metal but Devouring Mortality is a wide combination of Death (“Spiritual Healing” especially), Obituary’s “Cause of Death”, Disincarnate’s “Dreams of the Carrion Kind”, Pestilence’s “Consuming Impulse”, Solstice’s “Solstice” and few more similar records fall onto the category.

Every track here is technical, but memorable and slightly melodic death metal, with so many impressive leads spread all over the album from beginning to end. Skeletal Remains in my opinion composed songs, which really could rival all the classic tracks from “Spiritual Healing”, “Cause of Death”, “Dreams of the Carrion Kind” or “Death Shall Rise and the whole best part about this album is they’ve been hugely influenced by older death metal band’s throughout the mid 80’s through the early to mid 90’s. Devouring Mortality also has originality written all over it and it’s a phenomenal listening experience since these Californian’s composed death metal to pay homage for their wide variations for extreme music.

Skeletal Remains is a bit different than most of the other current old-styled death metal bands with inspiration taken from bands like Gutted, Resurrection, and Baphomet, so mainly the famous old Roadrunner Records roster back in the day. The material is extremely tight, brutal, has a killer dark atmosphere, and the songwriting remains on the highest level all the way throughout the album’s presentation. So if you love your death metal old school, gory, violent and massacred Skeletal Remains’s Devouring Mortality is definitely up your alley!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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