GOLDEN DAWN – Early Obscurity (Part I & II)

Started in 1992 in Salzburg, Austria by Stefan Traunmüller aka Dreamlord, Golden Dawn is no stranger to the melodic black metal scene. This year, he has release two EP which include a part one and two. In this review, both will be reviewed as one since each features two tracks. The first part includes a newer track along with a rerecording of Ideosynchronicity from the 1996 release The Art of Dreaming. Now for any previous fan of the band this is a prize since The Art of Dreaming was a great melodic black metal album. Features reformatted guitar parts, new melodies and higher quality recording, it takes on a new face without it being a whole new sound.

The second part of the two part EP features another newer track which has a true Golden Dawn feel to it and another rerecording of a previous The Art of Dreaming track titled My Confession To War which stays true to the original version with clearer vocals and cleaner sound quality in comparison to the original. This may be bad to some as it is common to go with a more raw and gritty sound in the black metal scene but this still stays true to the black metal roots without being too polished and studio sounding.

Both EPs are strong new releases from the Austrian melodic black metal veteran giving the listener a mix of the old and the new. The orchestrations dance between the guitar riffs at all the right times without being too overpowering, the vocals are strong and present without taking over the forefront and the tracks don’t run on becoming boring and repetitive. If you are a fan of deeper lyrical content of dreams and other dimensions accompanied by a masterpiece soundtrack to this soul side journey into the inner mind, then this band is for you.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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