Australian death metallers Contaminated have resurrected themselves to the underground and bringing out a huge headbanging worthy album titled Final Man. For a full-length debut this album won me over not for the incredibly detailed artwork but their song structures, lyricism and visceral musicianship is simply put, eviscerating start to finish. From their barbaric compositions and punished musicality, Final Man is not only a album that’s grotesque but also incorporating old school death metal back to its darkest, steepest and lumbering roots for the underground scene as they’ve fully managed a pungent atmosphere so putrid sounding you will be sucked in a darkened and cavernous production which is perhaps the album’s strongest pinpoints.

Even hearing the tracks such as Squalid Survival introduces uncompromising blast beat drum fillers, monstrous guitar licks, hideously brutal vocals and excellent signatures which is beyond enjoyable listening to the album in full. This album was birthed into the dankest, steepest and bludgeoning branches of death metal you’ll hear all year long and rest assure you do not want to sleep on a upcoming Aussie extreme metal outfit who’s name for themselves can contribute such fascinating and delivering incredible branches of unhealthy appetites which you strapped yourselves into a guttural, catastrophic, isolated and assaulted musical arrangements are a surprising treat to discover. Overall, I enjoyed this album simply because it takes old school death metal influences borrowing elements from Incantation and European styled death metal with a modern day twist of rib-caged, crushing and unhinged love for extreme metal.
It’s a album I truly believe has redeeming qualities that has fan’s expectations to hear a high-quality content that will keep coming back for more.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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