OATH OF DAMNATION – Fury And Malevolence

It doesn’t always happen often when a blackened death metal quartet is signed with Gore House Productions since they mainly specialize in brutal death metal but this time around, Oath Of Damnation are one of the sickest bands coming out of the genre and with this release, it rules plain and simple. Prior to 2014’s The Descent, Fury And Malevolence is better, darker, heavier, more structured than their debut by a long shot. From the band’s punishing instrumentals, putrid vocals, great passages, stellar performances of the instrumentation and wonderfully crafted arrangements musically and lyrically, this album uses outstanding compositional leads and a atmosphere so perfectly balanced it dives the listener into a world filled with darkness, void, and swallowing their own souls down to the depths of satan’s sanctuary.

Songs such as I Curse Thee, O’ Lord!, To Crack The Earth And Bring Down The Sky and Ardenti Haereticus these Australians have done one hell of a job balancing out passages into the strongest and well presented albums this band has done to date. There’s moments of naturalistic, theoretical and aggressive melodies from the high, low and drenched screams from the singing which not only engages the songs to be innovative but rather combine a style so clear sometimes it’s rather difficult to explain the album’s true meaning. Fury And Malevolence has emotion, aggressiveness, maturity and atmosphere written all over the finest lines from these upcoming Australians and you best believe to discover this right away for some top quality blackened death metal goodness!


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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