Connecticut/Rhode Island band Shadow Of Intent has put their name into the deathcore community and has been getting massive popularity after releasing 2016’s Primordial which was an incredible album start to finish. But did the sophomore album Reclaimer matched fan’s expectations? Honestly, yes it did. Reclaimer takes melodic deathcore with lyricism reflecting on the popular video game franchise Halo and while Reclaimer continues where Primordial left off, Reclaimer is a much more improved album both in the musical, lyrical and production department. Immediately right off the bat Reclaimer will surely please fans as vocalist Ben Duerr who is perhaps the most versatile, understandable and perceptive songwriters I’ve heard in recent memory as his deliverances continues to unleash his impressive high to low growls and achieving his range is beyond magnificent. Guitar work is nothing but crushing and almost reminiscing to a neo-classical inspired melodic approach as each counterpart represents exploiting textures and momentum shifts displayed on Reclaimer is absolutely on point.

There’s also traces of symphonic-esque keyboard work adding nice orchestral touches giving the album a much rather creative and diverse intake. These young musicians not only are very passionate into their working craft but hearing such impressive skills of technique and appreciative soundscapes adding elements of Symphonic, Technical, Melodic and even Brutal Death Metal is surprising to see Shadow Of Intent finding their innovative sound and finding yourself into a journey alongside the expressive and associated leads is what makes Reclaimer so unique compared to most Deathcore albums. In my honest opinion, Reclaimer by Shadow Of Intent is a massive improvement over 2016’s Primordial and for a album knows how to respectively play their rolls keeping the disastrous sound simple and sweet. If you’re fans of As Blood Runs Black, Winds Of Plague, Make Them Suffer, Until We Die and Rings Of Saturn then I’m more than sure Reclaimer is for you.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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