DECAYED FLESH – Eternal Misery

What do Indonesians and brutal death metal have in common? Their energy, presentation and chaotic atmosphere is what Decayed Flesh is. Released in 2020 through the amazing label of Brutal Mind, Eternal Misery is the debut full-length released by Indonesia’s Decayed Flesh. Musically, they take a wide spectrum of musical components and complimentary acts where it feels fresh, natural, and balls to the wall aggressive. Every track here is not only crafted, dynamic, and polished but you can tell that for a three piece band they’ve really impressed me with how articulate, progressive and experimented their songwriting progression started it all and that just shows that all forms of brutal death metal and Slam to a extent doesn’t really rely on just being the most brutal band in the world, but ultimately speaking Decayed Flesh are one of the band’s coming out of Indonesia who are talented and decided to take things up a notch, turned it to highest volume possible and unleash carnage and brutality front to back. And while majority of artists want to replicate and resurrect the genre due to it’s innovation and creativity, Decayed Flesh is exactly why brutal death metal is fierce, stylistic and musically speaking, this album is easily enjoyable and headbang inducing to witness the most chaotic and animalistic brutal death metal releases of 2020.

The vocals, production and atmospheric passages are all polished without any repetitiveness or overlying the instrumentals too much but rather keep it simple and authentic. Even the brilliant album artwork speaks many names as the band relies lyricism based of death, gore, diseases, psychology, and even some sci-fi themes. But for the most part, They have taken naturalistic structures, unleashes furiously crafted slam oriented fillers and ferocity with chaotic, gloomy and progressive layering has never sounded incredibly magnificent. From the heart pounding guitar sections, blasphemous drumming and barrage of madness and without any sorts of hesitation, This is an album that utilizes brutal death metal compositions, slamming vocals, intelligent chemistry and a atmosphere so raw and gritty this is a boundary to any monumental success within the extreme metal community. But if you want a album that’s catchy, heavy and slam oriented then Indonesia’s Decayed Flesh are surely to keep an eye out for many years to come in the upcoming days, months and years.


Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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