BLAZE OF PERDITION – Conscious Darkness

Polish black metallers Blaze of Perdition return to bring possibly a title winner for this year’s best black metal album. Two years after Near Death Revelations, Conscious Darkness which is to be released November 3rd through Agonia Records, comes with full force. With their last works, the band produced good but not truly outstanding songs but Conscious Darkness changes things with the progression in sound that Blaze of Perdition has developed and honed as their own. The album is spiked with haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms throughout.

The standout track in this album has to be A Glimpse of God which starts with a short spoken intro that includes catchy guitar leads and growled vocals then hits like a train into full chaos and ends with captivating melodies. The band truly show how well their songwriting capabilities are through this release by keeping the attention on every song without sounding monotonous. The highlight of this album is that they have stayed true to their signature Polish sound while also creating a sense of atmosphere and tension behind the entrancing melodies. If you are a fan of Watain, Valkyrja, or just good black metal that will keep you wanting more with every listen, then this album belongs in your collection.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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