Do you love your old school death metal to be filthy, raw, doomy at times and hearing a sewage like production to be sickening and disgusting? Well, if you happen to love all of those, congratulations then I guarantee you will appreciate Canada’s Disembodiment and their EP titled Mutated Chaos which is released on Caligari Records. Being a huge death metal lover that I am, Disembodiment takes heavy influences from Incantation, Undergang, Rottrevore and even some of the Swedish HM2 influenced bands including Dismember so to speak. But this time around, Disembodiment’s style of death metal is cited to be a heavier and dense sounding band which in this case I like the sonic transformation they’re created on this EP. It’s so well worded, crafted, organic and natural sounding which many bands in the Canadian scene rely on the technicality signatures and aspects but for a band like Disembodiment, it pulled off miraculously well. From it’s translucent vocals, incredible lyrics and relenting mid-priced typical death metal speeds, it’s definitely heavier as tracks range a ensuring, unique and prominent interspersed significant improvements making this EP feel its welcomed without losing its sense of touch, vision and sound. I would say songs such as Transcendent Upheaval Of Unholy Graves and Sickening Abominations Terrorizing At Night for example have that glorious song variations, engaging atmosphere and instrumentals viciously aggressive, this album does a incredible job rotating signatures to such great heights.

These Canadians ultimately created massive destructive sequences that contributed a positive outcome to move progression elements and a stylistic barrier of intricate compositions have never sounded fiercer. But what makes Mutated Chaos so magnificent is the wonderful passages continue to give variety and attractiveness for many factors. While the vocal deliveries are often times shadowing over the production mixing, the record doesn’t necessarily stray away within the album’s lyricism and offered more complexion and stylistic formulas making this release a much more compressed record. But in conclusion, Mutated Chaos will promise to deliver and destroy all living things in its path and if you love your extreme metal above and beyond, Canada’s Disembodiment will be worth your time and energy.




Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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