LOVEBITES – Awakening From Abyss

Japan is the land of pop and metal that almost cranks out something new daily but the Japanese female quintet known as Lovebites proves they can do some real metal. Their debut album titled Awakening From Abyss released October 25th through Victor Records. With soaring riffs, blazing lead guitars and a powerhouse of drums, this album rivals that of any other power metal album. The vocals by Asami hit ranges that are almost inhuman to even comprehend. With strong ranges that both hit highs that could shatter concrete to a lower range that is easier to listen to in the heavy/power metal style, every style she pulls out is at the perfect moment. Guitarists Midori and Mi-Ya undoubtedly draw the most attention with their virtuosity and skill being the forefront of this album. The low end by Miho is present for once by a bassist and truly shows her skill by not just being simple rhythm. The drum work by Haruna is just unbelievable as she brings out a force that is both blistering in speed and in skill.

There is a lot going on in Awakening From Abyss. Both guitarists have their own tone through out this album so the rivaling dual solos make a strong presence through this release. The sheer variety of their soloing prowess provides a myriad of scales not confined to flowery shreds or a cacophony of bland notes. They are also a formidable team, weaving and intertwining their melodies and steamrolling together with cutthroat riffs.

This album explodes with everything that is right in power metal and heavy metal. These lovely ladies prove that you don’t have to look the part to kick ass at writing one of the best metal albums yet. With the sheer ferocity, unmatched skill and signature style Lovebites has created, this band could become a household name in the metal world and due to their deals with JPU Records in Europe and Sliptrick Records in North-America, the whole world has the chance to get acquainted with Lovebites’ powerful sound. I highly suggest this album to anyone who wants fast, cutthroat and catchy metal that will stay in your collection for years to come.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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