Formed in 2007 from Rome, Lazio Italy, Hideous Divinity are a Italian Technical Brutal Death Metal that uses conceptual lyricism based on horror films and a modernized flair of distinctive flavorings for extreme music. Released on April 28th, 2017 through Unique Leader Records Adveniens is the third full-length album from this Italian artist and is prior to 2014’s sophomore album titled Cobra Verde. Clocking around 48:00 in duration and consists of 9 tracks, Adveniens is considered to be one of the most highlighted, technical and visceral Technical Brutal Death Metal albums of 2017. From the band’s outstanding chemistry, solid production value and blistering passages of relentless brutality, Adveniens opens up with the opening track Ages Die with bloody interspersed instrumentals, Hour Of Penance-esque interpretations and propelling drums are very well structured in a sense you can hear every instrument provided a rather sharp, clear and concentrated melodic melodies keeping the elements unique and scratched to the surface perfectly. Then onto other tracks including Angel Of Revolution, When Flesh Unfolds and Sub Specie Aeternitatis, Adveniens doesn’t necessarily rely on technicality for most musical parts but instead the album portrays a mid-paced and rhythmic patterns of indoctrinated and unadulterated disturbances within the paradox’s this album truly shines it’s glory.

This album also ends up with a song cover originally sung by Sinister titled Embodiment of Chaos which showcases decent portions of tremelo riffage, Suffocation inspired annihilating sequences of disgusted heaviness and a innovation so complex that Adveniens is Hideous Divinity’s best album this Italian Death Metal has done to date. But when it comes to the Italian scene with artists ranging from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Bloodtruth Hour Of Penance and Deceptionist Hideous Divinity are on our their to create a finest establishment which combines Technical Brutal Death Metal with a hint touch of Old School Death atmospherics into a modernized twist making Adveniens a fantastic album start to finish. Without question, one of my many favorites of 2017 and highly recommended for fans of Death Metal.

Overall score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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