MUNICIPAL WASTE – Slime and Punishment

Virginia’s crossover thrash metal outfit Municipal Waste are back and this time they’re gonna fuck you up with their sixth full-length album Slime and Punishment. Prior to 2012’s The Fatal Feast (Waste In Space) this is a well written, almost addictive album filled with fast, aggressive, thrash metal riffs mixed with rebellious raw hardcore punk vibe sensation of the 80’s. This album is incredibly embodiment of loud-hard- fast party up atmosphere of such legendary acts including Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies and other complex crossover thrash style musicality. With this album I truly believe Municipal Waste found their definition style continues the same pattern of furious thrash they’ve had on Hazardous Mutation. The whole musicians gotten slightly better terms of skill performances as the guitars are much more precise, diverse, insanely tight and the drumming department have improved prior to the last release.

What’s not only amazing about Slime and Punishment is how perfectly natural the lyrics are mentioned into such shorter songwriting. Tony Foresta does make these themes like a instant genius. However, this is a concept record heavily concentrating on thrashing and partying although several title tracks spread randomly about school food fights, being imprisoned for someone something else has done and mental disorders. Music wise this is a high reminiscent of old school 80’s thrash from Exodus, Sodom, Destruction and Heathen to name handful of musician acts. Overall, I’m extremely pleased to say Slime and Punishment is the band’s most crafted albums since The Art Of Partying and is definitely recommended for crossover/thrash metal albums of 2017. Municipal Waste should be required for any fan of thrash or crossover which this case they’ve nearly flawed every effort possible which makes Municipal Waste one of my absolute favorite thrash metal bands around this decade.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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