Chicago’s death doom metal band Novembers Doom are certainly without a doubt a very artistic, stylistic and well visualized bands in the scene. With Hamartia being the last chapter to these musicians they’ve borrowed elements from 2005’s The Pale Haunt Departure and made some fresh progressive structures alongside the way while micromanaging stronger and heart-wrenching musical deliveries. Musically, lyrically and progressively Hamartia is a wonderfully designed album portraying a story so insightful that these tracks are delivering the listener to hear their traditional death doom signatures with hint of melodic introductions. Everything from the guitars, bass, drums and vocals are absolute perfection without any sense of repetitiveness alongside the production here is incredibly crystal clear making the harsh, cleans and intelligence these Chicagoans present here is surely a blast listening to start to finish.

But songs such as Apostasy, Waves In The Red Cloth, Miasma and one of my personal favorites being Zephyr, these songs represent personal characters that engages the listener to feel loss, desperate and emotionally drained inside and out. Novembers Doom’s tenth full-length Hamartia may be on the same page and level as the previous predecessors terms of the musical musicianship and modern day production keeping extreme metal more fluent but if you were a fan of past releases or extreme music in general, Hamartia is certainly the album for you.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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