A VILLAGE IN DESPAIR – A Village In Despair

When it comes to music, it can come from any corner of the world but to find atmospheric black metal from Sri Lanka, that is kind of surprising. A Village In Despair is an atmospheric black metal band from Colombo, Sri Lanka and their debut self titled EP is truly a gem. With lyrics about struggle, poverty, natural disasters and villages of their native land, the three song release really speaks and reaches a deeper level with the listener. Featuring haunting ambiance and the use of female vocals, not only does this release stand out from many others in the genre but conveys an atmosphere that makes the release more of a journey and emotion rather that just sound.

A month before the release of the EP, the group released the single titled Hope and Longing which returns on the EP as one of the strongest and most refreshing piece of atmospheric black metal yet. The release starts and ends almost flawlessly. For being such a great release, this band could truly make a name for themselves and I look forward any future material from A Village In Despair. If you like a release that does a great job keeping you entranced and wanting more as well as do black metal well, then check out this EP, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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