Known for their gory, perverted and sexuality themed lyricism, Californian brutal death metal outfit Parasitic Ejaculation are back with 2017’s Amputated Vein Records release of Isolation and is the continuation to 2015’s sophomore effort Echoes Of Depravity. With Isolation clocking around 34 minutes in duration and consists of twelve contagious tracks, Isolation is filled with pulverize guitars, menacing gutturals, destructive blast beats, sheer annihilation and contributed themselves to make the brutal death metal stronger, angrier and hungrier. This is a album storming the pure brilliance of these Californian’s true dedication for extreme metal to attempt and construct such blasphemous musicality. Each element these tracks bring out to the game from the drowned atmospheric passages, infected swarms of disgusting slam oriented fillers and the chemistry behind the band is incredibly monumental as Isolation continues to pave the way for the genre keeping it fresh, naturalistic and overly frantic.

I would safely say with the album’s well illustrated album artwork songs including Repugnant Psychedelic Apparitions, Ingesting Disease, Summoning the Demon, Forsaken Abomination and track 4 features The Black Dahlia Murder’s vocalist and songwriter for Global Decimation as his contributions for the song brings out many fundamentals to the table from his versatile, aggressive and emotive vocal ranges makes the song keeping its intensity and decorative variations memorable. Everything from the apprehensive instrumentals, accessible production and incomprehensible musical structures, not only I noticed the growth and maturity compared to Echoes Of Depravity but Isolation is without question, Parasitic Ejaculation’s finest albums to date and there’s a damn reason why any brutal death metal fans shouldn’t sleep on this stellar album. Isolation has the potential to become a well executed album years down the road into the underground community and if you were heavily impressed by Echoes Of Depravity, Isolation is a next step further to success and achieve such great astonishing pieces of music.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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