Decrepit Birth are a American Technical Death Metal band formed in 2001 from Santa Cruz, California and have contributed some incredible albums from 2010’s Polarity and 2003’s Debut …And Time Begins. Released through Nuclear Blast on July 21st, 2017 Axis Mundi is the fourth full-length recording from this Californian outfit and with this particular album it showcases the band’s return to form with songs clocking in over an hour and two minutes while borrowing elements of Suffocation Death, Nile and some Atheist with a modernized, esoteric and artistic expression of Technical Death Metal. Axis Mundi features the finest naturalistic atmospheres possible with tracks such Epigenetic Triplicity, Hieroglyphic and Transcendental Paradox have glorious guitar melodies, The Faceless esque drumming and beautifully designed vocal patterns from Bill Robinson all done a fantastic job rotating the song variations to create a symbolic atmosphere.

Musically, Axis Mundi combines Technical Death Metal with melodic and artistic intelligence that showcases progression and decorated structures that’s not insanely technical but does have some incredible moments both calmly, aggressively and successively craves the listener’s mindset to have knowledge and paralleled 90’s Death Metal influential compositions make the members from Decrepit Birth controlled their own creative imaginations. While the album is upgraded from the production and appreciative chemistry within the fascinating comprehensible levels, Axis Mundi is a album that promises and delivers counterbalance, perseverance and astonishing concentrated readings that this is no questions asked Decrepit Birth’s return to redemption. And while 2017 has had some great Death Metal releases, Axis Mundi offers the band’s most speculated, impressive and shining efforts the band has done in the 16 years they’ve been pouring out music.

Overall score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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