SPECTRAL VOICE – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

Founded by the members from Blood Incantation, Colorado’s death doom metal band Spectral Voice have created a monolithic, threatening and crushing albums of 2017 with Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing being the debut full-length. Their sound is fittingly huge, droning, manifesting, aggressive and embracing to unleash incredibly driven death doom musical signatures. Take the song Visions of Psychic Dismemberment perhaps the most atmospheric, eerie and haunting songs throughout the whole entirety of this album which does a fantastic job balancing the instrumentals, production and mixing also manages to keep the brutality up to its finest level possible. Vocally it takes many elements of surprise as the growls range from deep, Abyssal pitches and vomitous bellows to the insane melodic high to low screaming.

They’ve painted a vivid picture that’s so catastrophic that this album is a masterful of a creation that many death doom fans will not only be amazed to hear such diverse and well experimented craftsmanship but if you’re into Hooded Menace, Asphyx, Krypts or Acid Witch with a well structured and modernized death metal approach then I’m more than positive this is a album you cannot pass on. One thing that makes the album golden is the old school death metal inspired riffage being borrowed from Autopsy, Bolt Thrower and even some Morbid Angel in the mixture to keep the authentication of the melodies simplistic. Spectral Voice’s debut is a fantastic, wonderfully crafted and amazing album start to finish that will definitely be a highlighted album years down the road and cannot be anymore pleased to hear death doom signatures, Incantation-esque echoings and the slow, mental essential existence within the genre is incredibly admiring to discover the album’s Lovecraftian and bone-chilling lyrical content is something you really need to dive into.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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