ORIGIN – Unparalleled Universe

Origin are a Technical Brutal Death Metal band originally formed in 1997 from Topeka, Kansas now
residing in California/ New York. Prior to 2014’s Nuclear Blast Records album of Omnipresent,
Unparalleled Universe is the latest album by Origin and with this continuation, this album showcases
their awaiting established material to date. Just clocking in over 40 minutes in duration and 10 blistering
tracks, Unparalleled Universe by Origin provides more atmosphere within the song variations and
stepped up the musicianship that was lacking from Omnipresent. With songs such as Truthslayer,
Infinitesimal To The Infinite and Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns Origin’s Paralleled Universe uses
more atmosphere layers with a touch of Devourment meets Skinless-esque guitar melodies, aggressive
drumming patterns and a instrumentation work so visceral the album does a phenomenal job rotating
signatures to be complexed and diversified .

Onto the secondary half of the album that’s when it starts to dive into a interesting, slamming and sprinkled compositions that really reminded me alot of 2011’s Entity for it’s heavily driven production value. Instrumentation wise, Origin ultimately created massive destructive sequences that contributed a positive outcome to move progression elements and a stylistic barrier of intricate compositions have never sounded fierced. Perhaps the highest highlight of Paralleled Universe is the magnificent passages continue to give variety and attractiveness for many factors. While vocal deliveries are quiet within the production mixing, the record doesn’t necessarily stray away
within the album’s lyricism and offered more complexion and stylistic formulas making Unparalleled Universe a rather compressed album. And lastly, Unparalleled Universe is another improvement for this American Technical Brutal Death Metal which comprehends the intelligence, technicality, brutality and progression making the record shine for many years to come. If you were heavily disappointed by Omnipresent, Unparalleled Universe promises to continue finishing touches of relentless headbanging material.

Overall score 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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