NECROTTED – Worldwide Warfare

Brutal death metal is a genre that can be pretty boring. However, when done right, it can be one of the most enjoyable metal genres there is, and fortunately for Necrotted, they’ve delivered a top notch, brutal album that fans of the genre will enjoy. While this album doesn’t take any major risks, and does feel a same, those flaws are buried under the solid writing, good production, and vocals that are not only good, but can be understood. “Worldwide” kicks this off with a sample of a riot with gunfire, before launching into the aural assault that this album is. Next is “No War But Class War”, which picks up the pace with a very thrashy vibe, and actually finds room to incorporate melody in a way that still feels brutal. “Hunt Down the Crown” follows this up with just a wave of sound, the opening of this hits you hard, and this song overall is very brutal, even by the standard of this release.

Just like earlier there was thrash influence, on “Vile Vermin”, there is black metal influence, and the writing and the riff on this track are especially solid. “The Lost Ones” opens up with a soft guitar, before kicking right back into the brutality that this album provides very well. “My Foray, Your Foray” continue the brutality, and gets fairly chuggy, and “Unity Front” and “Our Dominion” are both written in the style of just pure straightforward death metal, but both have really solid writing, and continue the this album with taking the foot off the accelerator. “Babylon” opens very heavy, and has a really good riff that makes this song work very well. The last track on this album is “Forlorn Planet”, which slows down the pace a bit, and focuses more on chugging than previous songs, before ending with an ambient outro. This is very solid. While it’s in no way perfect, the album is brutal, with solid writing, and variation in styles to keep it feeling great, despite some small sections that feel a bit stagnant. Overall, just a great album that proves how to do brutal death metal right.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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