PLASMODIUM – Towers Of Silence

Another underground band on the Transcending Obscurity Records that’s gonna get high replay value and listens out of it is Australia’s very own Plasmodium with their debut full-length on Transcending Obscurity Records being Towers Of Silence. Musically, this band plays a unadulterated, commandant, and psychedelic style of both black and death metal. If I had to think of another band that’s similar to Plasmodium’s music the closet comparison would have to be experimental death metal band Portal due to their dissonance, claustrophobic and avant-garde approach but for Plasmodium’s perspective they take two well-rounded genres and created a commendable territory to make the music extremely compelling, compressed and intelligent all around.

These Australian’s are taking underground death metal to whole new level that they’ve heavily focused on what was through the first release of Entheognosis but Towers Of Silence both musically, lyrically, sonically and atmospherically speaking this is the better release overall. Just the moments you hear songs such as Vertexginous, ParaMantra and Translucinophobia this band reflected on metaphorical shells discussing how the music is conceptually made up to certain musical degrees but this time around, Plasmodium’s perspective featuring five astonishing tracks that will unleash carnage and chaotic craftsmanship they aren’t afraid of anything standing in their path of destruction. Between the vocals, instrumentations, and production value this is Plasmodium’s finest achievements to date. Towers Of Silence promises to offer the finest pieces of music and is a total recommendation those looking for a dissonant style of black and death metal to add in their collection.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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