ACID WITCH – Evil Sound Screamers

Michigan’s psychedelic doom/death metal band Acid Witch is a band that I’m familiarized with after hearing their sophomore effort release of 2010’s Stoned, which was quite a pleasant listen beginning to end. Seven years later, we have the latest album titled Evil Sound Screamers which takes their inspirational themes for vicious witchcrafts, horror themed lyricism and hallucinogenic drugs with a psychedelic Halloween atmosphere to the music. Production wise, it’s insanely dark as it naturally portrays the musical branches from Witchtanic Hallucinations and feels more commonly diabolical with your typical Acid Witch sounding. Musically, Acid Witch takes their horror/Halloween atmospheric passages with a stoner-doom style guitar riffage borrowing European gothic metal stylistics but took their boundaries to whole new dimension.

Instrumentals are absolutely on point with no repetitiveness required as the band took old school rock influences but into a much more deeper, horrific and mysterious substances of catatonic goodness. They’ve also imported samples combining acoustic leads, well driven keyboard signatures and dominant heavy metal refineries may have seem to be overwhelming at first, but upon glancing the album’s over-the-top manifesting musicality, this album will engage the listener being strapped into a hallucination so harsh and disturbing that your ears will be poorly treated by the band’s panoply of sounds is extremely thrilling. This album has British wave of heavy metal, doom and death metal compositions written all over it as Evil Sound Screamers is a memorable picture years down the road will make any metal fan feel isolated and catastrophic.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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