CENOTAPH – Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions

Turkey’s brutal death metal outfitters Cenotaph are back at it again seven years later to create a punishing blow with the latest full-length entitled Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions. To perfectly describe this album in its summary, their style is incredibly creative showcasing elements of technical, slam and brutal death metal with a unique twist behind the musical signatures. From the heart pounding and aggressive instrumentals, groovy drum sequences reminiscing of Defeated Sanity and ridiculous skills of finest complimented chemistry work these musicians proved themselves alternating naturalistic performances is among a phenomenally top release beginning to end.

With songs such as Parasitic Worms & Prenatal Cranial Deformation, Dismembered Unborn Species, Asphyxiated Embryonic Abnormalities and the album’s opening for Rancid Gluttonous Morbid Obesity consists of eerie vocals, grinding and suitable melodies with monolithic slabs of whirling speed these musicians show they aren’t necessarily afraid to slow things down but rather balance the instrumentation to become audible and presentable. For a 6th full-length for Turkey’s Cenotaph is quite entertaining to hear menacing brutal death metal and having to incorporate many musical elements while maintaining the band’s traditional sound is well designed and is definitely recommended for technical brutal death metal fans.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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