A NIGHT IN TEXAS – Global Slaughter

Australia’s very own A Night In Texas are back with a brutal vengeance to unleash their most aggressive, polished and authentic albums in recent memory. Global Slaughter is also the first album to feature vocalist Ethan Lucas who not only made the album a much more progressive boundary but the rest of these Aussie musicians have represented the deathcore genre to defined what it is. From the band’s sporadic lead-guitar melodies, merciless blast beats and breakdowns to unleash bone-chilling atmospheres they’ve fully managed to maintain a much more energetic progression while keeping the instrumentals naturalistic. Matter of fact, Global Slaughter serves to contribute a more matured, and extremely well-designed craftsmanship with songs such as Death March and the title track Global Slaughter relied on radical tempo-altering breakdowns, tormented high to low pitched screams, demented guitar solos and a Fallujah-esque sections with the structures almost bring a Carnifex or Thy Art Is Murder technicality to the mixture which in my opinion it definitely made Global Slaughter a punishing touch beginning to end.

Perhaps the album’s highlight is the songwriting, it has improved drastically compared to 2015’s The God Delusion which focused on anti-religion, propaganda, society and humanity while Global Slaughter tends to concentrate on a differential path which is always a refreshing intake. The secondary half for Global Slaughter is another memorable experience after giving the album multiple listens as each track contains prominent displays of outstanding musicianship and commandments of constitutional progressions is possibly A Night In Texas’s ground-breaking effort. While 2017 for deathcore releases has been a thrill of a lifetime, A Night In Texas’s Global Slaughter has once again taken the genre and heaviness for extreme metal to achieve something more greater than it meets the eye and if you’re a fan of the band’s past work, Global Slaughter is a album you cannot sleep on if you’re fans of Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder, Shadow Of Intent and Carnifex.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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