KRAANIUM – Slamchosis

Featuring members from England, Turkey, Finland and Denmark, Norway’s long running brutal death metal band Kraanium is back to create their first album without original frontman Martin Funderud who tragically passed away in 2017 from suicide. Years have past, this marks a new evolution for these musicians as it marked three years since 2015’s Comatose Music’s Chronicles of Perversion was released and now, we have the latest offering from Kraanium entitled Slamchosis. What’s different about this record is it welcomes songwriter Jack Christensen who’s in other projects such as Septic Congestion and Decay Of Existence.

Musically, this album is thick sounding well produced that’ll make your heads banging non stop with relentless brutality. This record showcases 40 minutes of madness, gut wretched and disgusted revelations of grotesque musicality. It has pulverize guitars, menacing gutturals, destructive blast beats, sheer annihilation and contributed themselves to make the brutal death metal stronger, angrier and hungrier. This is a record demonstrates these talented death metal musicians true dedication for extreme metal to attempt and construct such blasphemous musicality. These tracks bring out to the game from the drowned atmospheric passages, infected swarms of disgusting slam oriented fillers and the chemistry behind the band is incredibly monumental as the record continues to pave the way for the genre keeping it fresh, naturalistic and overly frantic.

I honestly say with songs such as Forced Rectal Exhumation, Larva Infested Cum Sluts and Face Fucked with a Brick uses versatile, aggressive and emotive vocal ranges makes the song keeping its intensity and decorative variations memorable. Everything from the apprehensive instrumentals, accessible production and incomprehensible musical structures, not only I noticed the growth and maturity compared to past releases, brutal death metal fans shouldn’t sleep on this stellar album. Slamchosis by Kraanium is a next step further to success and achieve such great astonishing pieces of music.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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