VAMPYRIC BLOOD – Howling In Candlelight

Finland’s Vampyric Blood took me by a instant surprise to combine Finnish black metal signatures, creative songwriting and the overall structures are just absolutely gorgeous to listen to. Borrowing influences from Satanic Warmaster, Drowning The Light and Crimson Moon, Howling In Candlelight is the follow-up album prior to 2012’s Dark Adversary Productions release of Ordo Dracul. This time, Lord of Shadows continues to pave the way to incorporate his breathtaking instrumentals to whole new dimension with the atmospheric layers of beautifully designed musical compliments showcases his astonishing ability to utilize and possesses an immensely dark, chaotic and gloomy atmosphere to get a great sense of raw Finnish black metal.

Composition wise, Lord Of Shadows continuously makes his musical talents sky high with distant quality within the album’s context of reminiscing of Moonblood sounding if his intelligence and writing for this album couldn’t be anymore enjoyable. From the keyboards, guitars, vocals and compositions being mixed authentically well the album portrays the darkest days of civilization bringing a emotional feeling to the music is one of the album’s biggest highlights. This is a album that is taking raw Finnish black metal to new boundaries and should not be passed or slept on if you want ongoing and utter hopelessness style of extreme music this is for you.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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