SPIRIT ADRIFT – Curse Of Conception

Doom metal is a genre I’m not entirely into. While I enjoy music that the genre has put out, no doom metal band has really stood out to me. That being said, Spirit Adrift’s second album, titled “Curse of Conception” is one of the most underrated albums of last year. The one-man project manages to capture the doom feeling, and combine an emotional tone into the songs to craft a unique album. “Earthbound” is the opening song of the album, and has an acoustic section before a nice lead guitar transfers the song into a very doomy body that makes up the main song. The writing here is tight, and the riffs are solid. The title track, “Curse of Conception”, is next, and opens with a nice lead guitar. This one is heavier than the previous songs. The tone on her is darker as well, and the guitar work on this track, like most tracks on this album, is very solid. “To Fly on Broken Wings” is the next song, and has a very soft opening. The song is slower, and embodies the slow, doomy feel very well, and maintains the tight writing from the previous songs.

This leads into “Starless Age (Enshrined)”, which has a soft and slow opening, before launching to a nice opening riff. The chorus on this song is a good example of the emotion that this album possesses. “Spectral Savior” has a slow and heavy opening with a solid riff. The song is slower paced, and features a really solid solo. The song softens up partway through, before having a slow and somber ending. “Wakien” is an instrumental that works to lead into the next song. It starts off soft, before picking up about halfway through. The album ends with “Onward, Inwards”, which has a heavier intro that’s paced very well, and features a really solid riff. The writing here is really tight. The vocals are more abrasive, leaning into harsher tendencies than previously. The song has a softer section towards, leading into the outro. The outro on this song is really solid, ending this album on a solid note. This is a very solid album. At times the production doesn’t fit, and in a lot of ways it’s rough around the edges, but overall it’s a solid project that deserves the attention of fans of the doom metal genre.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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