ENOQUIAN – Llamas De Gloria Primera

Argentinean black metallers Enoquian have unleashed their debut album Llamas De Gloria Primera upon the world through Satanath Records. This album is full black metal assault that is executed damn near flawlessly. Enoquian is a fairly fresh band, formed in 2015 but listening to Llamas De Gloria Primera, you would think they have been doing this for a while now. Now most of us who are black metal fans, it is easy to spot a simplistic and lazy black metal release but this album is anything but that. The riffs are chaotic and aggressive, the vocals are raw and strong and the drum work is fast and perfectly executed.

Tracks like Poderes Perdurables and Destructores Del Ser are the true anthems of this album as they embody everything that raw, ferocious and evil black metal should be. This whole album is forged in the fires of hell and the blazing fires of what true black metal should sound like. My only flaw I can say is I wish the drums were a little more audible as it is hard to hear anything except the cymbals over the vocals and guitars. Besides that, there is a great piece of audible assault here for your ears. If you like your metal purely aggressive, raw and just cut throat, then this album is ideal. This album is definitely for fans of Darkthrone, Dark Funeral and Carpathian Forest. I highly recommend this album and this band to any true black metal fan.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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